Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Guru Purnima/ teacher's day!!!!

First of all I want to wish all the amazing gurus/ teachers happy guru Purnima! Without you guys I wouldn't be able to survive in this world! Thank you so much for all the wisdom that all of you had shared & taught me.......... To be continue..........

Alright I'm back! Ok it was pouring this morning and just couple blocks away from my home on main street, 4-5 cars got stuck and was half sank in water. I had to take U-turn to get back at home, by the other end. I got home safely and end up having my sweet potatoes and hard boiled eggs for the breakfast, and I didn't do anything all day, not even a reading, but yeah I cooked and now finishing up my special blog. On this guru purnima day, I took a U-turn in to my childhood times, the things that I used to like and want to become one as I grow up. Yes, I'm talking about becoming a teacher! I grew up in very remote and small town on the mountains (Uttranchal, Mussoorie); where there is nothing much but schools and some shops. At that age almost every kids have their own dream job, or what they want to be as they grow up and mine was to be teacher someday. Only because as growing up, all my female teachers are very good looking and dignified. Specially the entire concept of mastering one specific subject, giving exams, and imitating students sound so cool then. But everything changed as we moved to US. Here in US there's zero respect for teachers. And if I remain loyal to my childhood dream (becoming teacher), I might end up staying in welfare, & that would be big time nightmare for me. Yes! that's how the conditions of teachers are here in US, unless I went on to become Ph.D. and have no life! And mind yeah, most of teachers here in US are not young and good looking like the ones in India. (hahahahaha) This is what happens in the world of corporate, nothing but compromise! It is completely different from the world that I came from. Back in Mussoorie, India; people live a very simple and dignified life. Most of them teachers walks to school and live in very decent home, even thought their bank balances are not super big yet they have managed to keep themselves look fabulous and the best part is they have all their quality times to spent with their families and love ones. I wish someday our system here in US will change towards teachers. I mean may all the teachers in US earn as decent as the ones in India and may they get the respect that they deserve like the ones in India. Only, then I can happily encourage my children to be teacher! Until then happy guru purnima to all the teachers out there. May all of you keep producing more and more amazing gurus in this world because without them we can not survive in this world. Our gurus are the ones who gives us the wisdom, shows us the path to happiness, and enlightenment!
PS- Find me if you can! :9